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Welcome to Kairos Fiduciary Services

Special Needs Trusts and Settlement Trusts Administration


We are a private fiduciary firm focused on administration of Special Needs Trusts and Settlement Trusts. Kairos was founded with the purpose of helping trust beneficiaries meet their lifetime goals for well-being and financial stability. To that end, we offer a broad range of financial and care management services for minors, seniors, and adults with disabilities.   


Fiduciary Services

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Special Needs

Designed specifically for minors, adults, and seniors with physical or mental disabilities, a Special Needs Trust not only protects personal assets, it also preserves the ability to receive public benefits such as Medi-Cal and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace


A Settlement Trust is an irrevocable trust that protect the claimant’s settlement funds from being overspent while still providing funds for their needs. A Settlement Trust can take several forms. A Minor’s

Settlement Trust includes a termination date, at which time the funds become available to the beneficiary. A Preservation 

Settlement Trust is usually (but not solely) set up for adults, and can help protect assets from being rapidly depleted by ill-informed advice, or overspending.

Holding Hands


Kairos provides Estate Settlement services and manages all properties on behalf of—and in the interest of—the beneficiaries. We also provide Medi-Cal and Social Security advocacy, ensuring compliance with all Social Security rules and regulations so beneficiaries can get the most from public and private resources.

Professional Memberships


The team have been a life raft in an ocean of complexity & tragedy. We took a leap of faith out of necessity for our son who was in a catastrophic car accident and have never regretted it. They have educated, helped, provided highly skilled expert services to our family, and we are truly grateful for their existence.

- The Wagner Family

Our Happy Customers

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